Today most copper installations are being enhanced with the use of some fiber optics technology. Fiber optic backbones or links between buildings provide solutions to length issues and offer other benefits such as speed and bandwidth capabilities.

Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc. provides certified fiber optic technicians who can help you design and / or install fiber to get the most benefit from your cable infrastructure.

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Emergency Service and Repair:

  • Troubleshooting Services
  • Repair Services


  • Large and Small Count Fiber Optic Cable Installations
  • Fiber Optic Backbone and Service Entrance Installations
  • Indoor/Outdoor Installations
  • Aerial, Underground and Outside Plant (OSP) Installations
  • Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cable Installations
  • Fiber to the Desktop Installations
  • Equipment Room and Rack Mount Enclosure Installations
  • Vault and Hand hole Installations


  • Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing
  • Fiber Optic Mechanical Splicing

Fiber Optic Cable Types:

  • Plenum, Riser, OSP, Direct Burial, Armored, Gel filled, Gel free, Dry Water Block, Indoor/Outdoor, Aerial, Tracer
  • Multimode/Single mode

Fiber Optic Connector Types:

  • ST, SC, LC, MTRJ, Uncommon, Custom and more!


  •  Fiber Optic Jumpers
  •  Innerduct
  •  LIUs, Fiber Patch Bays, Fiber Panels, Adapter Panel
  • Splice Enclosures
  • Tools
  • And more!

Testing and Troubleshooting:

  • OTDR Testing with printed results
  • Light Source Power Meter Testing
  • Pre-installation Reel Testing  

Consulting and Design

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 888-684-6248.