Custom Engineering

Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc. has a long standing reputation in the industry for taking on custom engineering and manufacturing projects that other manufacturers cannot handle because they lack the design and manufacturing capabilities. Carolina Microwave Associates engineers, using the latest state of the art and most widely accepted tower design and finite analysis software from RISA

Technologies, can design a wide range of structures to accommodate a variety of design codes. Over the years, Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc. has designed and manufactured roof top structures, truss leg structures, elevated buildings, elevated tower systems, monopoles, elevator systems, T-bars, candelabras and windmill structures.

Risa Tower

Structural Analysis

Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc. has great experience doing structural analysis of existing towers. Structural analysis can be done on typical structures as well as custom towers, for wireless, FM and TV applications. Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc. also designs, manufactures and installs modification materials, as specified by structural analysis or specified by customers. Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc. can manage field mapping services, tower inspection services, non-intrusive foundation investigations, and ultrasonic testing of tower materials.

To schedule a structural analysis or have a tower custom engineered, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 888-684-6248. We look forward to working with you.