Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc., a leader in radio frequency interference studies conducts both in house and field studies. With three different anechoic chambers for RFI and EMI chamber studies, Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc., can assist you in characterizing your product of FCC, CE or UL approval. Whether it's a prototype one off, or an actual production model, once the data is analyzed, we will then suggest design changes to help your product appear RF friendly.

Anechoic Chamber

Furthermore, our rolling RFI / EMI surveillance and mitigation vehicles are equipped with not only the usual array of spectrum and communication analyzers, but they also are equipped with the following tools:

  1. Communication receivers
  2. Pneumatic masts
  3. Direction Finding (DF) equipment
  4. Signal analysis equipment
  5. Computers
  6. GPS Tracking
  7. and much much more.

Site Survey Van

Unit 14 of 20 Radio Frequency Survey Vehicles