Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc. operates a series of indoor and outdoor antenna ranges and chambers. These facilities support research and development, production development, and in-production testing. Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc. test facilities support programs for antenna and system integration from HF to millimeter wave with direction-finding, RF-signature measurement, and precision antenna gain/pattern capabilities.

  • Antenna measurement facilities and capabilities include the following:
  • A 6-cubic-foot quiet zone, 50-foot-long compact range
  • A 6-cubic-foot quiet-zone, 100-foot-long tapered chamber
  • An outdoor, far-field, true-free-space range
  • A microwave/millimeter wave anechoic chamber
  • Six outdoor bubble HF/VHF/UHF/microwave ground-plane ranges (including a 640-foot range)
  • A 90-plus-acre RF field test range with 100-foot-high accessible transmit tower
  • A RF systems integration and test lab
  • A material measurement lab
  • A wafer probe measurement lab
  • An RF-circuit and test-fixture rapid-prototyping

For more information or to schedule range / chamber time, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 888-684-6248. We look forward to working with you.