Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc. routinely performs radio frequency site surveys for broadcasters, land mobile radio operators, microwave back haul operators, wind farms, satellite operators and Government agencies.

Our engineers are deployed with either marked mobile surveillance vehicles or discrete surveillance vehicles that are outfitted with spectrum analyzers, field strength loggers, radio direction finding equipment, signal analysis systems, signal intelligence (SIGINT) and communication intelligence (COMINT) equipment as well as multichannel monitoring systems.

Our equipment is able to capture and analyze radio signals from 10 KHz to 60 GHz and is routinely calibrated to NIST traceable standards. Once we acquire the signal of interest, we are then able to assist the customer in acquiring intelligence from the recorded signal source to determine the source(s) of interference. For instance, our Satellite Geo-location System has been designed and developed to locate the illegal satellite ground stations by using Geo-location.

Geo-location is a technique that determines the origin of signals on communications satellites. It is generally used to mitigate against accidental interference on military and commercial satellites caused either by human error or equipment failure, although it is increasingly being used on commercial satellites to locate sources of deliberate jamming.

Another site survey service we offer is radio and television interference studies for wind farms. Typically, the wind farm developers overlook the pre-construction radio frequency site survey, only to later pay the consequences. When commissioned to perform a wind farm site survey we perform drive testing with a marked surveillance vehicle for aviation radar hazards, weather radar interference, television station interference issues, FM radio interference, and finally licensed two way radio interference. This data is then plotted on a GIS map with the radio path's and wind turbine structures clearly marked.

Our surveillance vehicles are equipped with pneumatic masts that extend up to 90 feet, spectral analyzers, signal analyzers, field strength meters, DF finders, etc.. all with a maximum frequency range of 60 GHz. Our in-building site surveys have consisted of wireless device detection sweeps, in-building wireless design studies for public safety, cellular, 3G, 4G, 5G, RFID and WIFI.

During those studies a team of engineers is deployed with handheld instrumentation, along with building maps, to determine best transmitter locations, interference causes, etc..

To schedule your radio frequency site survey, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 888-684-6248. We look forward to working with you.