Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped via most economical carrier Prepaid and Added. We do not accept third party or customer account numbers. Orders shipped in the Continental U.S. will require a follow-up email with a shipping cost added and an updated quote generated, before orders are processed. Shipping quotes for international, if any, do not include duties, customs, border fees, or brokerage fees. These will be billed separately. It is our policy to ship at the least expensive and most reliable way and this method will be quoted first.

Shipping Insurance

All packages are insured to their total value amount. This amount will part of the entire shipping quote and will not be, as normal practice, separated from the shipping quote.

Hazardous Materials & Most Chemical Products No hazardous materials are sold and therefore will not be shipped. All shipping services do require special packaging and additional shipping charges may be required due to the nature of our products. There is no flat-rate shipping and all shipping is calculated separately and added to the order. All shipping is prepaid along with the product purchase unless otherwise agreed to. If you have any questions, please call (888) 684-6248.