Radio Frequency Coordination Services


Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc. performs a wide range of frequency coordination and licensing services for industrial radio users. In addition, to frequency coordination, Carolina Microwave Associates, Inc. services include:

Contour analysis (including impact of new applications on existing radio systems Form 601 preparation and Schedule K (required notification) filing Co- and adjacent-channel analysis for 72, 150, 450, 800 and 900 MHz systems Preparation of FCC Registration (CORES) filings Assistance with short-spacing consent letters

Before we begin the journey, we will need the following basic information from you:

    Frequency / Frequency Band
        What frequency band or specific frequency you want to operate on.
    Mobile Radio Count
        The number of mobile radios that will operate on the system.
    Output Power / ERP T
        The output power of the system amplifier, as well as the effective radiated power (ERP), which is the system's power at the antenna.
    Emmision Designators
        Includes several pieces of vital information: modulation, signal, type of information and size of the channel. This determines the channel width your system will occupy.
    Antenna Information
    You must also provide the following information about your antenna. The most common codes are:
    B - Building with side mounted antenna
    BANT - Building with antenna on top
    MAST - Self-supported structure
    PIPE - Pipe antenna
    POLE - Any type of pole antenna
    TOWER - Free standing guyed structure used for communications purposes
        Antenna height from ground to tip, in meters
    Support Structure Height
        If antenna is mounted on top of a building, it is the distance from ground to the top of the building. Check with your building management company for this information.
        All coordinates (latitude/longitude) must be referenced to the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83). Latitude and longitude must be listed in degrees, minutes and seconds.
    Site Elevation
        The antenna site ground elevation above sea level. This information should always be in meters.
    FAA Antenna Structure Registration
        Refer to ASR TOWAIR Determination to determine if your antenna needs to be registered with the FCC.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 888-684-6248. We look forward to working with you.

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