Communication Shelters

Communication Shelters
A concrete communication shelter.Carolina 

Carolina Microwave Associates,, Inc. offers concrete shelters for communication equipment. If you require a custom design, please contact us (or by phone 888-684-6248) to provide us with your requirements or discuss your application.
These shelters are built with the following minimum specifications:
1) 2 Hour Fire Rated.
2) Rated to 150MPH Wind Load.
3) UL 752 Level 4 Bullet Resistant.
4) Rated to Zone 4 Seismic Conditions.
5) Solid Steel Reinforced Concrete Construction.
6) Bullet Proof Door (30-06 Ball)

Custom options, sizes and designs are available upon request. Feel free to send us your requirements or contact us at 888-684-6248.
Design Features Your Benefit
Internal seals No structural caulking required.
Permanent cast in lifting devices Reduced crane offload time and no missing parts.
Walls overhang floor Internal seals with enhanced barrier to water entry.
Hip Style Roof Design with 1/8" Per Foot Slope in all directions Compact height, but still provides runoff.
2" Cap Roof Overhang Design Good structural strength..

For help in determining what best meets the specific needs for your application, please contact us (or by phone 888-684-6248).
Our shelters are good solutions for communication and utilities purposes. We offer:
1) 911 Radio System Shelters.
2) Cable Hub Buildings.
3) Telephone System Huts.
4) Wireless Communication Shelters.
5) Smart Highway System Control Buildings.
6) Substation Control Buildings.
7) Pump Station Enclosures.
8) Switch Buildings.
9) Generator System Enclosures.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 888-684-6248.

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